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The Importance of Moisture

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

We hear it all the time. Your hair feels dry from being blonde. Not any more! We just need to show you how to love your hair, and here's how:

If you are making the step to go lighter, whether we like it or not, it is by some form compromising the condition of your hair. BUT- there are so many tips we want to pass onto you, to have full, healthy, amazing blonde hair. Be committed to loving your hair not just at your appointment, but every day after!

Please note that all of the below products and services work together, so no one is more important than the other. So if you find this all a bit overwhelming, just start with one and go from there!


First things first- you're in the salon, about to have some lightening. We have 3 different treatments we can perform on you right away, depending on your budget and needs. We recommend always having treatment at every appointment after the wear and tear of life (UV, heat damage, general wear and tear):

Our strongest, most intense treatment and it only takes 4 minutes. K18 is not your typical treatment, in that it doesn't necessarily leave your hair feeling super soft or shiny. It does the hard inside work for you, rebui

lding the keratin chains from the inside out. It is a buildable treatment, therefore the more you use it the better the results will be- which is why we send you home with some to keep using at home! It’s the first product to utilize biomimetics to reconnect keratin chains once broken by bleach, colour, and chemical services, resulting in soft, smooth, strong hair with bounce that feels like new. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results. These services come with a take-home treatment.

Alike to the K18, Structure Complex is an advanced treatment featuring bond-building technology designed to rescue and repair hair from the inside.. Maximises strength, condition, shine and manageability in chemically-treated, dry, fragile or damaged hair. Colour Fix Treatment

A leave-in colour preserving treatment designed to minimise colour fade. Infuses treatment properties and restores pH balance after chemical services. Adds shine and softness to all hair types. This is not a deep treatment, but will ensure colour will last as long as possible.



You're at home. Now what? Time to keep the moisture going from your in-salon treatment! First place to start is your shampoo and conditioner combo. There is no perfect an

swer, so come and have a chat to us about how your hair is feeling and your usual routine. That will tell us a lot! Here are some good starters: NAK Nourish Duo

A creamy, luxuriant cleanser and conditioner designed to nourish and protect hair from

colour fade. Returns condition to colour-treated, dry and damaged hair to optimise colour longevity.

ELEVEN Hydrate

A nourishing shampoo that replenishes moisture. Containing hydrolysed wheat protein to hydrate and strengthen hair. An ultra-nourishing conditioner that replenishes moisture.

Packed with avocado oil and hydrolysed wheat protein to moisturise and strengthen hair.

Masks In addition to a salon-quality conditioner, we do suggest usuing some form of a mask. These are deeper conditioning, injecting as much moisture as possible in the conditioning process. These can be used instead of, alongside, or alternating with your usual conditioner. LEAVE IT IN Did you know that even after a conditioner, and a mask, when you rinse your hair with water, your cuticle is still a little bit open? We need to seal that strand back down to give us the best, smooth and shiny result. Just like your face, your hair needs something to leave on it- like moisturiser: ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE.

This unique all-in-one MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT works to: 1. Add shine, smoothness and softness 2. Control frizz and flyaways 3. Moisturise 4. Strengthen fragile hair 5. Prevent split ends 6. Detangle and create manageability 7. Protect against heat styling 8. Enhance natural body 9. Repair dry damaged hair 10 Protect hair colour with UVA and UVB filters 11. Prevent chlorine and sun damage Suited to all hair types, simply pump and apply to damp hair. With Australian desert lime, wattle seed and desert peach to nourish hair, Miracle Hair Treatment is a must-have for all hair types. Nak Replends Cream

A hero moisturising crème and leave-in daily essential designed to soften

and protect hair. Detangles hair strands to reduce split ends and wear and tear. Adds shine, hydration and condition.

Depending on your hair type, we may include and oil or styling product in your suggestions.

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